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I’ve run out of clever titles. I never had that many to begin with, and I have to save the really good ones for the books.

Hmm. Now that I think about it, most of my titles for the blog posts aren’t very clever at all. This one is at least apt. It’s my weekly post. I’d like to manage to post more often, but–well, basically I’m lazy. And I’m busy. Sort of. Mostly.

Fall activities are starting up again in my little town. The ladies’ “Art Club”–which is a “meet once a month for lunch” club–is meeting again. The programs are supposed to be focused on “the arts” and we give a little scholarship to the local junior college, and we meet, talk and have lunch. We had show-and-tell at last Friday’s meeting.

Besides that, about all I have done is write. I haven’t even read much this past week. I’ve been working on reading WARRIOR SOUL by Chuck Pfarrer, which is his “My Life as a Navy SEAL” story. That pretty much took me all week to read, since I was also watching the DVDs of the HBO series ROME. We don’t get HBO, and I really, really wanted to see ROME (I’m into all that historical stuff), especially since it was supposed to be such a good series–so I bought the DVD set for my birthday, and the fella and I watched two or three episodes every night. He got into it as much as I did. (Except he’s not re-watching it with the commentary like I am.)

I mentioned the writing, didn’t I? I’m proud of myself. I got 37 pages written last week. That’s up from my usual weekly count. It’s not going up this week though. I need to get it typed in and the proposal ready to send to the agent.

And I pulled weeds in the front flower beds. The rain has made the grass go berserk, and it’s trying to take over. Actually, it HAS taken over in a big chunk of the bed. And I can’t keep up with it. We need to get some mulch out. Maybe when the petunias die…

Heading off to Odessa for a few days–I’ll try to get back here and blog when we get back.

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  1. The Rome series is great, isn’t it?

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