Happy Birthday to me

Yes, today is the day I was born mumbledy-something years ago. I’m not going to get specific, but I am barely into my second half-century. There. You already know I’m a grandmother several times over, so you know I’m no sweet young thing. I am however still sweet :) and I’ve always been something of a thing. Actually, a “thang.”

There is a difference in the South between a “thing” and a “thang.” Things are the dead fish your dog brings home as a souvenir. Thangs are puppies and kitties and pretty girls and handsome boys. I like to think I still qualify as a thang. :)

Anyway, it’s my birthday, and I’m trying to decide what movie I want to go see for my birthday. The weather will determine whether we go to the big city today or tomorrow–if it rains tonight, we’re not going to the local football game, but if it stays clear, we’ll be at the stadium and go to town tomorrow. I’m not going to complain about the rain at all, it’s been so long since we had much to speak of. The local lakes are anywhere from 40 to 50 feet below their normal levels, so actually, we really need more rain before this drought can be considered over.

Small-town Texas on Friday night–yeah, everybody goes to the football game, whether you have a kid in school or not. We don’t always stay for the whole game now that our youngest has left for college, but we go. Unless, of course, it’s raining. :)

Mailing a proposal to the agent today. Wish me luck.

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  1. happy BIRTHDAY! *HUGS*! :)


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