Trying out a Workshop

I took a flying trip to the DFW area to try out a new workshop on the RWA chapter I belong to down there. North Texas RWA is a great bunch of people and I really enjoy getting to go down and visit, even if it does take me five hours to drive down there. And then five hours to drive back.

I did a workshop on writing the fantasy, futuristic and paranormal novels, and had a lot of fun doing it. I think it came out pretty well. It was fun getting to talk with other writers and pretend to be a fount of knowledge and answer all the questions. I hereby state, I do not know the answer to everything, and often wonder whether I know the answer to anything…especially when I get e-mails from the agent that say “I got your submission. It needs a lot of work.” Ugh.

Makes one wonder whether one even knows what one is doing any more. The brain may be going.

I’m going to finish this WWII partial, and then…I’ll probably have something or other to work on. Something I need to fix. I did get almost 6 good pages for the story last week, so it’s not completely stalled out. I tell ya, this is a soul-eating business to be in, but I can’t imagine doing anything else, so I guess I just need to pull the ragged remnants out of the beast’s mouth and fluff them up a little and get back to work.

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