I Got The Blues

And not the kind from the Kraft macaroni box. Though that sounds like a great idea for lunch, now that I think about it…

Nope, these blues are the icky kind. I have been informed that 1. Luna will not be publishing the 3rd book in the One Rose trilogy, and 2. they don’t want to buy New Blood, the option book I sent them. My agent and I are discussing possibilities to find a place where Eternal Rose could see light of day, and places to send New Blood. And lots of other things I have ideas for.

This is part of the publishing world. The part that really sucks. Just like television shows that get yanked after only 3 or 4 episodes, without being given a chance to find an audience, books and authors now have the privilege of having that happen to them too. We might get six months, since it takes at least that long to gather book numbers, but the booksellers are just as ruthless. If the 1st book by a particular author doesn’t do spectacularly, they won’t order so many of the next one–and if the bookstores don’t order the books, the “suits” will pull the plug.

I think I had decent sales–sales that another fantasy publisher would consider solid–but I think Harlequin’s expectations might have been greater than they should have been. Who knows.

It’s disappointing, but it’s not the end of the world. I may have to take another name to publish more fantasy or fantasy romance. But Dayton isn’t my real name to start with, so yet another one is no big deal to me.

I’ve taken this week off to think about directions, new or otherwise, and to walk and read and clean myself through the suckage. (I NEVER clean when I’m upset–but I’m trying really hard not to eat my way through it–I’m about 8 pounds lighter than I was in Atlanta!) I cleaned about 20 years of grease off my venthood. (I’ve only been in the house 2 years, okay!) Who knew it wasn’t supposed to have a matte finish? It’s shiny now!

Next week, it’s back to the WWII book. And the week after, the fella and I are going to Colorado to do nothing but look at golden aspens, work puzzles of various kinds, read, and maybe shop. Or hike. He’s more into hiking than I am. I may take the book–whichever one I’m working on–and if I do, I may or may not open it up.

As Woody Allen said, Ninety-eight percent of success is just showing up. And you have to KEEP showing up even when things go bad. What else can you do?

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12 Responses to I Got The Blues

  1. Hugs again, Gail. (The first being in The Rose Garden.)

    I hope you have a lovely, relaxing, frustrationless trip! Where in CO are you going? It’s my home state, and I miss the autumn there tremendously.


  2. I’m disapointed to hear about the next book, Gail. I’ve been looking forward to reading more about Kallista and Torchay (and all the rest). I’m sure you will find a “home” for it soon!!


  3. Hi Gail,

    Well that certainly stinks!! I loved both books, read them so fast I had to phyically walk away from it so I didn’t choke! LOL
    I’ll certainly be waiting to see where you and Kallista end up. :)


  4. Oh Gail, that’s awful.

    I loved the first two “Rose” books and I’ve been hanging out to find out what happens next.

    I hope you find another home for the book because I’ll be buying it. And whatever fantasy you write next.

  5. Well dang me Gail!

    I’m one of many that has been WAITING for Eternal Rose to come out! My own selfish reasons aside, I am sorry about this turn of events, it really stinks. (Would it help if your fans wrote letters begging for at least the last book to be published?)

    I will keep my fingers crossed that this will actually open doors to you for something better.

    All the best,

    “Istadevata” (from TCO)

  6. I’m so sorry to hear this, Gail. I adored your two Rose books and was eagerly awaiting the third. I’ve gotta believe you’ll find a new home for it. You’ve built such a wonderful world and compelling characters that some other publisher is bound to snap them up.

  7. Hello Gail
    Luna Books is stupid to drop you. Your books were some of the best that came out of the line. Kallista is a super memorable character. I would definitely buy book number 3 or whatever else you come out with. Do you think writing to Luna would make a difference?

  8. Bummer, I’ve been counting the days for the next book. I rarely re-read my books, but have already read the first two rose titles 3 times each.

    Think positive, an opportunity to find a new and better publisher! ROC has some great authors, you would fit right in! You already have a growing fan base. I didn’t find you until after #2, and more are discovering you every day. They can’t resist the rave reviews!!

    Big hugs and best wishes.

  9. PS. Yes, please let us know if fan letters would help! -Denise

  10. Gail, first time to visit your blog, by way of a mention on SBTB that your third Kallista book wasn’t going to be published by Luna.

    I’m really sorry to hear that. I’ve very much enjoyed the first two and pimped them to everyone. My husband is a librarian and his boss, the branch manager has read the first two on my recommendation and also liked them. I told her you had done with sex magic what someone famous had tried to do and failed–and I only mention that because it’s what got her to read them and I really believe it. You’re a skilled writer and,whatever and wherever you publish, you’ll have a continuing reader in me and anyone else I can bludgeon into reading your books.

  11. What are Luna nuts ?

    I love these books so much.
    From the moment I read your first book I was hooked, it is brillient.

    If I don’t get more I just might cry.

    Shannon B.
    South Australia

  12. You might look into http://meishamerlin.com. Meisha seems to make special effort to finish great SF/F series that have lost their homes. For example P.C. Hodgcell’s works. I found that the title did good sales for a fantasy trade. Best luck – I look forward to your next imprint!

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