Shadows Fade

Yeah, I suck at titles, but I’ve been trying to think up a new title for the WWII book, and have been waxing poetic…I’m leaning toward Thunder in a Cloudless Sky for the book…

Anyway, the blues do go away, especially with Hershey’s dark chocolate kisses, and with the application of the mind to the Next Thing.

The next thing for me, right now, is a trip to the mountains, leaving tomorrow. I have the iPod plugged in, charging it up so I can listen to all the RWA workshops I didn’t get to go to in Atlanta. I need to get the battery out of my camera and charge it up, and load the extra camera memory card. I plan to take lots and lots of pictures of aspens and fall foliage in the Rockies, and hope that the fella will stop along the highway when I want to take pictures. I have to figure out what food to take, because we’re staying in a “cabin” (it will sleep around 25 or 26–but the upstairs is closed up now) with a kitchen.

I’m taking the books–the ones I’m writing–though I don’t know how much writing I will get done. The fella is the sort who tends to need to be entertained. He’s not very good at doing nothing, even when he’s on vacation. He likes to go to the pool (there’s a hot springs nearby, but we don’t know if it will be open out-of-season as it is) or hiking to the top of the mountain, or to museums or… we’ll take cards and dominoes and maybe the Trivial Pursuit game. He’ll take his Sudoku book (if I have to pack it in my bag) and another book or two–I may take Thermopylae, the history book I bought for research recently, for him. (Of course, I’m taking a big fat bag full of books for me to read–but I read faster than he does.)

He hasn’t taken any time off from work at all this year–and he gets three weeks, plus all the time the college is closed down. I have basically told him “You will go on vacation.” He can hike to the top of the mountain if he wants, but otherwise, he’s vacating, if I have to sit on him. I’ll tie him up and toss him in the back of the car with the luggage. But I think he’s looking forward to it. I’ll charge him with taking pictures for me. (Like I don’t already have enough pictures to paint–but one can never have too many…)

And when I get back, I’m digging in… to something. Probably to getting Thunder ready to send out, and on Devil in a Red Dress. I’m going to be doing the pre-writing in the mountains. I think I can do that while we’re up there…should be fun. See you in a week, +/- a day or two (since you already know I’m not the steadiest blogger around…)

3 Responses to Shadows Fade

  1. ooh. I think THUNDER IN A CLOUDLESS SKY is an *awesome* title!

  2. Wishing you both a fun and refreshing time of togetherness. Enjoy!

  3. Dark Chocolate of any kind is the boom.

    VERY disappointed about Luna not publishing the 3rd book.}:(

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