Down in the Flatlands again

It’s not that flat in this part of Texas–we’re in the “Rolling Plains–but it’s a lot flatter than the Rocky Mountains, so yeah. I’m home in the flatlands again.

I had a great time getting the fella to drive me up even higher in the mountains so I could take pictures of bright golden-orange aspens and reflective lakes and rushing Chalk Creek, and Cottonwood Creek–missed the creek that goes with Cripple Creek somehow–but got a bunch of pictures of the Arkansas River too. Over 300 pictures, actually. I ought to print a few of them out and take them to art class with me. Did you know there is still a HUGE gold mine operating in the Cripple Creek gold field (actually, it’s closer to Victor, but it’s all considered part of the same gold field…)? I didn’t know that, till we drove past it.

We went swimming in a hot springs pool–swimming pool-sized, but hot as a really hot hot tub–on the one day it didn’t cloud up and rain in the afternoon. The fella went fishing some while I was taking all those pictures–didn’t catch any fish. He’s not the most patient fisherman in the world, but his philosophy is–if you don’t catch anything in the first half hour, standing out there in the cold in the same spot won’t get you any more fish…

I listened to a lot of RWA workshops on my iPod (I have very little music on the thing.) and thought about writing, but did almost none of it. Did a lot of crossword puzzles. It was nice having the time off.

This week, I’m trying to get back into the work, and have to pick up food and get ready for a dinner party for all the college administrators on Thursday night. Ack! (It’s a small college–still, dinner for 14 is nothing to sneeze at.)

But I did a bunch of Tarot readings for the characters for Devil in a Red Dress–some of them didn’t make sense, but I can figure that out later–and printed out the chapters for Thunder so I can really get into revising them. Next I need to do some more character work for Devil, and do that revision stuff–but that’s for the rest of the week. (Hmm–maybe I ought to shorten the “devil” book to “Red Dress”, in case I write some more books with devils in them…)

Thanks to all y’all for your comments. I appreciate them muchly.

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