Been a Long Time

Yeah, I know. It’s been a long time. I’m in roller-coaster mode again. One day on top of the world, the next day, convinced I don’t have a clue what I’m doing trying to write a book. Typical writer.

So, I went to my very first World Fantasy Conference, which was a bit of a culture shock. It’s much more laid back than the romance writer’s meetings–largely because it’s as much for fans as for writers. Instead of workshops about “How to do it better”, there are panels to discuss “Why it is the way it is, and should it be that way?” There aren’t near as many people, and they have readings, where authors read from their work.

I got to read. Surprised the heck out of me. Especially since the final decisions weren’t made till the last week before it started, while I was out of town in Austin. I had forgotten to bring any of my books (or my bookmarks to hand out, sigh), so I had to borrow the books from my Mom to have anything to show people. And I loaned my copy of Eyes of Crow to Jeri Smith-Ready so she could read it, because she’d forgotten all of her books too. There were four of us reading in a “paranormal romance” session–even though none of us actually write paranormal romance… I suppose I could have broken out an exerpt from Devil in a Red Dress, to give an idea of a “real” paranormal romance, but it’s not exceptionally romantic yet, so… Plus, I haven’t sold it.

Anyway, Jeri read, I read, Robin Owens read her Luna book, and Shanna Swendsen read her non-Luna Enchanted, Inc. Which is a really cute chick-lit-y fun fantasy. It was good. I had a couple of guys come up to me on Saturday and Sunday and tell me they enjoyed it (probably because I read from the blood, guts and gore part of Compass during the battle where Kallista gets her magic) and would check the books out. So, new readers. Yay!

And I talked to several editors, one of whom might be willing to take on the last Rose book. I hope. No harm in trying, anyway. But I need to do a new synopsis for Eternal Rose so it matches the actual book–which means I need to read the book over again, which means I’m going through and revising again. I put some stuff back in–but I think I’m going to take it out again. I need to finish reading, do my turning points and make sure the story stays on point. I really liked all the sword-fighting, but… it doesn’t necessarily move things along. I can always put it on the website.

Most of them probably don’t want to do a 3rd book in a series started by another publisher, but all of them seemed interested in other material, and, well–there you have it.

I found several new books and new authors. I finally picked up a Carol Berg, as my daughter has been nagging me to do, since Ms. Berg was at the conference. She told me her favorites of those she has out now, and I picked up Transformation which was a very different sort of story and very good, so now I’m going to read the rest of them.

And I picked up some YAs. The one I liked best was The Queen of Attolia, because it made me want to read the other books in the series. It was very gritty–the main character got his hand chopped off early in the book, so obviously one can write pretty much what one wants to write, especially for older kids. I might like to write YA fantasy (which wouldn’t be too far a stretch from the other stuff I’m doing). I was thinking about YA, and realized that I doubt I could write the YA “girl” books, because my girl didn’t really like them, I never did, and besides, my boys were the last ones at home in the YA years. So I’d want to write YA “boy” books. And at the YA/juvenile fantasy panel, someone said that YA books for boys were very much in demand. So.

But I have many many places to go with the writing already. Beginning with the revising of Eternal Rose and the writing of a synopsis for it. Then I want to finish the synopsis for Thunder so I can get that sent off–I’ve got it mostly written, but I’m not sure about the ending. I may not have the details together till I actually write it, but one can’t write “So, in the end–somehow he makes her remember everything and they all live happily ever after.” But that may be what I end up with. And then after that, I’ll get the partial together for Red Dress and send That off, and then, I’ll get back to finishing New Blood. Sounds like a plan. Now if I can just get it all done. Especially since it’s the holiday season… More traveling, but at least the nest is empty.

OH! And I pulled out a book from my TBR stack that had fallen down amongst the others and read it and loved it, and can’t wait till the next one: THE LOST FLEET: Dauntless by Jack Campbell. It’s the very first–if you like the Captain Jack Aubrey books, you’ll like this. If you like Naomi Novik’s Temeraire the dragon books, you’ll like this one. It’s naval battle in space–the hero has been frozen in an escape pod for about 100 years, and placed in command of a fleet just before all the admirals are assassinated at truce negotiations. It’s up to him to get the fleet home. Great story. So, there you have my latest recommendation.

I’ll try not to be so long before posting here again. Just couldn’t get up the energy. (sigh)

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  1. Hey hey hey, let’s not get all gender type-y here! I love YA fantasy and grit fic, and also love romance novels. And I ain’t no boy!
    But I know what you mean, I completely skipped YA girly novels when I was that age (though girl novels have come quite far since then – back then it was all “One Month To Live” (and so on) emotional bull). By the time I was 12 I was straight on to the adult fiction because I hated the YA options. NOW I find I can’t stop reading YA novels, not least Tamora Pierce and Megan Whalen Turner.

    To finish this ridiculously rambling comment, I just want to say that I am outraged that Luna dropped your last book and I will definitely be looking out for it when someone picks it up again. I love the story, and can’t wait for more. I’ll even spend my precious money and buy a new copy!

  2. Yay! You’re back! *hugs* :) It was really very wonderful to meet you at WFC. :) And I’m rooting for all your books! Go Gail!


  3. Hi Gail!

    It was great to meet you at WFC. Glad you got to talk to editors and drum up interest your work. Sounds like it was a very productive con for you–yay!

    Hope to see you at others. Perhaps NasFIC next August in St. Louis? C’mon, you know you want to…though there will be ten times as many people. A bit scary, to me, at least.

  4. Glad you’re back, Gail!

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