Done with Tweaking (for now)

Dang, I’m not quite making my “goal” of posting to the blog at least once a week, am I? But I’m trying!

I’ve been working on re-doing the synopsis to The Eternal Rose to make it fit how the story actually came out, which required re-reading the story again, which had me finding all kinds of new places that needed tweaking. Finished the new synopsis last Friday. Finished the tweaking this a.m. This leaves me time to bake pies and flourless gluten-free cornbread tomorrow before I go paint.

I have to drive back to Amarillo today. Saturday, the fella and I went to town early. I had a Panhandle Professional Writers meeting and he had an auction he wanted to attend. (He’s become addicted.) And when we went to load up the stuff he bought into the back of the SUV, the bookcase wouldn’t fit along with all the boxes of stuff. (He did get the two tea sets I wanted. One German and one from China–and one of the odd lot boxes had a platter that matched the German set. More teapots (rubbing hands in glee)!) So, anyway, I have to go back to town this afternoon and pick up the bookcase. They won’t hold it any longer than today. I’ll get the buttermilk for the pies too. After the auction, we ran a few errands, had dinner at our favorite Japanese place and went to the late show of Casino Royale. I like the new Bond. I like the movie–they have James running a lot…

Tomorrow, the pies. And painting class. I’ll bring my Boys at the Beach painting back home. And Wednesday, we’ll drive 5 hours to pick up the older son and the grandboys, then two more hours to pick up the younger son at his college apartment, then two or three more hours (depending on traffic) to the parents house.

Have a nibble on a publisher for the last Rose book. Cross your fingers that we can get things worked out in time.

And thanks for all your comments. I’m not good about commenting on the comments about the blog, but I do read every one of them.

3 Responses to Done with Tweaking (for now)

  1. Woot! Fingers crossed!

  2. Hi. Came across your blog while doing a search for comments on Dauntless, and I wanted to thank you for your kind comments about the book in your last post. Good luck with your own latest book. Do you suffer from a gluten-allergy, too? Small world.

  3. Ooooh (squealing like fangirl)–it’s the Dauntless guy!!

    How cool!

    And it’s the fella who has the gluten allergy, but I’m the one who cooks for him so…

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