Good News after Thanksgiving

I didn’t think I ate that much while I was eating it, but I feel like I’m waddling now that I’m home again. I had turkey and dressing and ham and yams and greenbeans and fruit salad and Brasilian cheese rolls and buttermilk pie and apple-pecan pie and… hmm. No wonder I’m waddling…

So, okay, now the news can be shared, I believe, since I have the contract in my hands.

The Eternal Rose has been picked up by Juno Books and should be published next July in trade paperback format.

Juno Books is the brand new fantasy/paranormal romance imprint of Wildside Press. I tried several times to find the editor at the World Fantasy Con in Austin when we were there earlier this month, but never did connect. However, my good friend and Luna Author C.E. Murphy (an even better friend than ever I knew) pitched the book for me when she connected with the editor. And did several other favors like forwarding e-mails, etc., with the result that the editor tracked me down by cell phone a week ago Saturday to make an offer to buy the book sight unseen.

Harlequin is willing to give me back the rights and that is in process now, so all you wonderful people who read the first two Rose books and loved them (and you are truly wonderful people) should be able to read the third book only a month later than it was originally scheduled by Luna.

Life is good.

Especially when you can add pie to the equation. :)

14 Responses to Good News after Thanksgiving

  1. Let me be the first to say


    Wonderful news, and you deserve it! (And so do we readers.)

    And Go, Catie! for making the connection for you.

  2. And I’ll be the second. YAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!

  3. Great news Gail – you can be sure I’ll be one of their customers!
    Now if they’d only translate it into French as well, DH would be happy too!



  4. I’m so happy there are tears in my eyes. *beam* This is wonderful, Gail. Oh, I am *so* glad.


  5. Woo hoo! Gail!!!

    A book *and* pie? Can life get any better? *grin*


  6. A book *and* pie? Can life get any better? *grin*

    Not that I can think of. Thanks for all the cheers, folks. Y’all are the BEST!!

    (shoulda known it was you, FF)

  7. Yum! That’s for the book and the pie. Congrats! Added ER to my list of books to buy in July…..I’m soooo thrilled!



    Wonderful news Gail!!


  9. Wooooooohooooooo!!!! Congratulations, Gail. And thanks to Catie, both for Gail’s sake, and for us waiting for her lusciously wonderful third book. 😀 Yaaaaaaaaaay!

  10. Oh, yay!!!! I can’t wait! The covers look gorgeous.

  11. HOORAY!!!!

    This is such wonderful news. I loved the first two books and I’m so glad the third one will be coming out. I’ll be buying it.

    Thanks to Catie for her great work too.

    Gail I’m so delighted for you.


    Gratz, AG!~ 😀

    Can’t wait to read it!


  13. Sarah from the airport ;)

    YEA! Congrats! I am so happy for you!

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