We have some seriously cute grandboys. The oldest one is now in kindergarten and learning to write. And he addressed the envelope they just sent us (by means of their Wunka Bob who stopped off to visit before coming home for Easter). Not ALL the address, but our names.

It’s kinda hard to mess up “Gigi”–but I am now married to “Granbaddy”. We were amused. And we now have some seriously cute school pictures of the seriously cute boys. They called us to say Happy Easter last night. I’m amazed how well the little one talks. He won’t be three till the end of the month, but he just chattered away on the phone.

Easter was very nice, but there were snowflakes falling when church let out. It did warm up a little bit today, which was good, with the boy heading back to school. (He got a speeding ticket–for shame!)

And today, I got 8 pages, and my hero got himself kidnapped. He didn’t mean to get kidnapped, but you know how bad guys are. They do stuff. Bad stuff. These bad guys think they’re the good guys…but don’t bad guys often think that? Hopefully, the heroine will find him tomorrow.

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  1. You know, you just keep TEASING me with these little hints! I can hardly stand it! I can’t wait to get my hands on New Blood, I think. Even if your grandson will spell it New Dloob.

    Granbaddy, indeed.

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