Second Draft – Complete!

I’m trying to make a list of things I’d like to blog about sometime, so that when I think of something that would make a good blog, I won’t forget what they are before I get round to blogging them. Mostly I just wait and see what I can come up with on the spur of the very last moment possible. Which is what you’re getting today.

I finished typing New Blood into the computer today. (Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!! – again, picture Kermit the Frog running around in circles, waving his little spindly arms in the air, going Yayyy) As a second draft, it’s pretty minor. I don’t make a whole lot of changes during the typing of the manuscript. But I do make some, and once it’s all in the computer, I can print it out, and go at it with the weedwacker. And it’s IN THERE!!

It does need a weedwacker. And some makeup and disguises. Maybe some wholesale demo and rebuilding. I have made notes–mostly mental, but today I did write some stuff down on the back of an earlier revision paragraph page. And it’s mostly, sorta readable. And I need to do the vast majority of this fixing next week.

Because the Dallas grandboys are coming to visit (I hope) the week after that. And half-a-week after that, I’m heading off to the parents to visit the sister and b-i-l coming to visit from the mountains, and after a week at the parents, I’ll head up to Dallas for RWA–and then…well, it’s going to be time to go home and clean up my office to sell the Panhandle house, so we can see about getting our Beach house. I might have about a week for that. Maybe two. Yeah. It’s getting busy.

But the book is in the computer.

2 Responses to Second Draft – Complete!

  1. YAY for Book-In-Computer!

    I’ve noticed that on the occasions that I handwrite rough draft (not often, and only when I have no other choice) I usually do some fairly heavy editing when I start typing it in. It’s an interesting process!


  2. Everybody has their own process, don’t they? I’ve edited out a couple of scenes as I typed. Other things, I went ahead and typed in, but thought “This doesn’t need to be in here, it’s boring–but I don’t know where to stop or where to start again, or how to smooth over the gap, so I’ll figure that out when I print it out. But this needs to go.”

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