Shaking head sadly

So tonight I got a phone call from the boy. The one in college (who still doesn’t have a summer job–GRRRR). And he wants to know about insurance on his vehicle. With one of those queasy feelings growing in my gut, I ask–not-so-nonchalantly–Why do you want to know???

Seems a tree fell on his car. A whole freakin’ tree.

Well, actually, it was more like half a tree. The tree broke in half and fell on his car. And the car of one of his roommates. But mostly on his car.

He said the damage was mostly paint, and dents–it didn’t break any windows…yet. So I told him to take pictures, and then get the freakin’ tree off the freakin’ car. Actually, I didn’t say freakin’. I didn’t use any other bad words either. I was a good mom and didn’t shock the boy. What is the deal with trees in Waco? Not that many years ago, a tree at Cameron Park dropped a giant branch on a little girl and killed her. And the wind wasn’t even blowing, either time. You expect trees to break in high wind. And Waco gets a lot of high winds. I guess it weakened the trees, and then when you’re not looking…wham!

Anyway. Tree. Car. Smush.

Oh, The Eternal Rose got a nice mention at this website. Thanks, krisstarr! I do appreciate it.

I will be posting the first chapter of the book very soon. Like, as soon as I can manage to get the website altered and get the excerpt on the site and make links to attach it to everything. Of course, people who subscribe to my newsletter get a special “newsletter only” excerpt too. :)

But first I need to write 10.5 more pages of the WWII book so I can earn my charm for this month. North Texas RWA chapter is having a “Book In A Year” challenge for its members–of whom I am one (see, I can do grammar). If we write 25 pages a month, we get a charm bracelet over the space of a year. I’ve done 2 months. But I need my 10.5 more pages to get this month’s bracelet. And it’s a good break to let New Blood ferment before I plunge into revisions.

2 Responses to Shaking head sadly

  1. Gail — hello!

    I just wanted to come by your space and thank you for dropping by mine. It was definitely a thrill to see your comment! I hope you’ll pop by again, sometime. :)

    (And I’m sorry to hear about your son’s car. Thankfully, my Offspring is only 5, so I have a few years before I need to start worrying about those sorts of things…)

    Kris Starr

  2. Trees do that in Pittsburgh too. But pgh has more trees than waco, so they don’t have to try as hard here.

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