My life is full of stuff. Stuff I have to do. Stuff I want to do. Stuff I want to read. Stuff I have to do something with. Stuff I have to clean or put away or fold up or…something.

I really need to start writing Old Spirits, but I have too much stuff to do. Tomorrow, I’m leaving to go meet the parents at their new house and help them get unpacked and organized. I need to remember to take lots of Post-it Notes to label their kitchen cabinets and drawers, so they can remember where they’ve put things. A large part of this move is because both of them are starting to have trouble with their rememberers. They did pretty good while it was just Mama forgetting stuff, but now Daddy’s started having trouble, so we’re happy they can move so close to one of us children. But I really need to be there to help with the unpacking.

However, going to help them means I don’t have to go to the panhandle for most of the week. It’s either a really long 12-hour drive back to our old house, or a two-day trip, and since the fella has next week of for spring break, he’s making the trek to turn the water on and get stuff ready to move the rest of our furniture to the coast. More stuff. And way too much moving. But we’re tired of camping out. I want my dresser. And my own bed. (We bought a new queen-size, which will move into the guest room, but I miss my king-size…)

Anyway, there’s a lot of traveling and a lot of moving in my future. I have confirmed that I’m going to ApolloCon, the SF/Fantasy con in Houston, in June. I will probably go to RWA National in San Francisco at the end of July (need to find a roomie). I’m still debating whether I want to go to ArmadilloCon in Austin in August. There’s a FenCon in Dallas in September, but I have to see if the dates conflict with a potential trip to New York the fella’s invited me on.

There is the possibility that Tor will have galleys/ARCs of New Blood for me to sign at the Tor booksigning in San Francisco. I’ll let you know if that pans out.

I did get all my RITA books read and judged. An interesting experience, to say the least. I read a lot of books outside my usual reading comfort level–and liked them.

Next week. The writing will begin, next week. Definitely. The fella’s out of town. I’ve caught up on all the stuff. (I think.) I can write.

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