Crazy Season

Crazy season is here, and doesn’t look to be leaving any time soon. I considered running away from home, but any place I could run, the craziness would just follow me. Or else those places are where the craziness is coming from. And I actually don’t mind the craziness…I like doing all this stuff. It’s just nearly impossible to catch my breath between times.

Like, the Texas grandboys came to visit over the weekend. They got here Thursday night at around midnight, which gave them an extra day at Gigi and Granddaddy’s. We were tickled to have them–but I’m whipped. We went to the beach to swim two days in a row. And went out to ride one of the surrey bicycles on the seawall Saturday evening. It was a lot easier than the last time I went out, years and years ago–except when the older boy stood on the pedals. That was just like a brake on the wheels, the stinker. They ate all the cereal, drank all the milk, and I haven’t had time to run to the grocery store since they left, because we’re still short one car. I’d have gone yesterday, but I gave the boy my car so I wouldn’t have to leave work early to take him to work. He has it today, but has to come get me early so I can go to my RWA chapter meeting across the causeway. And the fella’s leaving town sometime this week, which will put us down to one car unless we get the boy’s car back from the shop, and I’m not so sure that’s happening.

Today, I’m working all day so I can take our youth group to the local water park tomorrow. I know–we’re at the beach, why is there a water park? Why go? Well, the beach doesn’t have slides. Because we can. I am making plans on how to avoid sunburn. (Take long sleeves. And a hat. And sunscreen for re-applications. And sit in the shade. And…) We usually don’t go out all day, and wait to go out till late in the day when the sun’s not so harsh, so I have only been burned the once this summer. Wish me luck.

Enough whining. I got my synopsis finished! (Yayy!!! I know how the story will end, and how it’s going to be different from the previous finish.) I sent it to my cp, and will get it off to the editor next week, I hope.

The little boys are coming back to spend next week, all week. The fella’s taking off most of the week–except Tuesday–and my work hours are during the hottest part of the day when they’ll be having siesta (probably not sleeping, but staying in out of the sun and heat), so I won’t miss much. I’m looking forward to it. Won’t get much writing done, but I’ll have lots of fun.

2 Responses to Crazy Season

  1. Gail,
    Don’t know if you’ll get this or not, but everything is bouncing to the e-mail addy I have for you. Can you e-mail me at puzlqueen57 at yahoo(dot)com?

  2. LOL Carol, you beat me to it. Hey Gail, we miss you 😉

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