Aching Knees

So, the grandboys are visiting. And Hurricane Dolly (not named after the granddog) is coming ashore about 400 miles to the south near the mouth of the Rio Grande. What that means for us is slightly higher tides, brisk winds, some rain (we sure could use more), and heavy surf. Usually the surf here is on the pathetic side, but right now it’s roaring in with lots of energy. And I took the boys (ages 7 (today) and 4) out to the beach with their new boogie boards. (Their granddaddy was generous.) Fortunately the boards are covered styrofoam with leashes (I’m sure there’s another name for that), so the wind couldn’t blow them too far away, and when it caught the boards and blew them into the boys’ heads it didn’t hurt too much. Except when the wind bonked the board into the older one’s head, and the board bonked his head into the stair railing. That hurt. So Gigi got to carry the boards down to the beach and back to the car.

But it was a great swim. They could ride a long way on their boards, and mostly they stayed on. I could trust the little guy to stay in the shallow water so I could go chase his big brother when he went out too far–which he kept doing. So I was standing in hip-deep water, trying to keep my footing and watch both boys. It really was fun, but my knees are really hurting from the strain of holding on against the strong surf. I tried sitting down in the shallow surf for a little while. The surf was rough enough to knock me over and roll me three or four times on the way to the shore. I got tired of being knocked over, so I stood up again and dug my toes in. I’d like to go back when I can share the watching-little-boys duty and take a turn riding one of the boards. The surf probably won’t settle down for a little while.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing this week. Working a little. Playing with little boys. (We went to see Wall E Monday night.) The fella baked a birthday cake with them this morning, so we can celebrate the birthday tonight. I need to pull my proposal together, to get it ready to mail to the editor. But I’m practically brain dead. My knees ache, and I’m really tired. Oh, and that sunburn I didn’t get when I took a teen group to the local water park– I got it at the beach yesterday. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s red. I know. Dumb.

Next week is San Francisco. I’m getting excited. Trying to get my schedule worked out and such. Ought to be fun. Need to get back to work–but doubt it will happen till after RWA Conference.

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