Edouard is a wimp

I’ve downloaded my few pictures from San Francisco (my camera is getting old and creaky, and it’s rather large, and I didn’t carry it much), and will post the best of them as soon as I get my brain together. For now, though, since I do live on the Texas coast, and since there is a tropical storm wandering around the area, I thought I’d mention that Edouard is obviously French, because he has no follow-through. He got things all churned up, but in the end, never amounted to a whole lot. As storms go.

The fella wound all the hurricane shutters down–the house is pretty much a cave–but we didn’t even get any high winds. It rained for a couple of hours this morning, but by noon had pretty much dried up. It went ashore north and east of us, and headed west for downtown Houston. By the time the last bands of storm come ashore, it will be west of us, which actually makes me sad. We could use the rain. But the rain will be very good for those places where it does fall. Hopefully Austin and the parents will get lots of nice rain.

I did have a wonderful time in San Francisco at the RWA conference. My calf muscles are killing me, because I went out to sightsee in the little time I had on Sunday and wound up walking to Chinatown on the street that went up all the really steep hills. I definitely got my exercise. But I had a whole lot of fun, and when I go home tonight (hopefully to opened windows), I will get my brain functional again, and get some pictures and stuff posted. (Stuff being “what I did at RWA.”)

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