TBR Challenge Book #1

I have read a book off my TBR challenge.

SABRIEL by Garth Nix.

This is a YA fantasy. Sabriel is the daughter of the Abhorsen, who makes the Dead behave. In the Old Kingdom, where she was born, the Dead don’t like to stay that way, and to come back into life, they have to eat living things. So they need the Abhorsen to make sure the Dead stay dead. There is, apparently, only one Abhorsen at a time. She’s just graduating from boarding school across the Wall from the Old Kingdom, where magic mostly doesn’t work when she gets a message from her father. He’s not quite dead, but he’s stuck in Death, and he’s sent her his sword and the bells he works his magic with. And Sabriel is off on a huge adventure. This was a pretty good adventure story, though it didn’t go very deep. Emotionally, it tended to stay at the surface. Don’t know if I will read the other books in the series. Maybe if I can get them at the library…

I don’t even know where my TEXAS RANGER book is. I’d been carrying it around in my bag to read, but the bag was getting heavy, so I took it out, but where I set it??? No clue… Sigh.

Will write more later. After I finish tomorrow’s revisions on Book II. Which is acquiring a new name. Heart’s Blood, is what it’s looking like… Romancey and ties in with New Blood.

I’m reading Silent in the Grave now…

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  1. Sabriel is good (extremely good if you get to listen to the audio version read by Tim Curry), but my favorite in the trilogy would have to be Lirael. So if you do decide to continue on, I’d recommend at least reading that one.

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