NEW BLOOD is in the bookstores!

Yes, THE BOOK IS OUT! I haven’t seen it in stores yet, but I am reliably told that it is there. AND, it got a really great review at Sarah and Candy’s blog. I’m tickled about that. Y’all should go read it. I think they’ve cut off the sign-up for the book giveaway, but I’m giving a book away at the RWA published author chapter blog: To Be Read–So Many Authors, So Little Time… next week, so if you go by there and comment, you might win a book.

Um–what else is going in my life? Not much. I’m busy revising The Book Formerly Known As Old Spirits, and writing back cover copy for it, and writing articles, and doing blog interviews. (I’d post a link to the interview, but I can’t find it–the wonderful person who interviewed me e-mailed and told me where it was, but now I can’t find her e-mail… Sigh.) I’ve received some other very nice reviews. They’re in my e-mail–and out and about. I’ll put a couple on the website. I’m just hoping lots of people will buy it, and like it.

That’s about it. Went to see the parents last weekend. Have to go back again soonish. To work. (sigh) But I have a friend I haven’t seen in AGES who will be coming by and we’re planning a visit. It will be fun! I also want to get my Waco buddies down for a visit, but don’t know when… Lots of stuff coming up. Not so much going on now.

6 Responses to NEW BLOOD is in the bookstores!

  1. Congratulations on the release!

    I’m planning a steampunk related post next week and would like to share the news about both your book and the contest. Will the giveaway happen before Tuesday? If you can share the details, I can adjust my post accordingly. Or you can email me at

    Looking forward to it!

  2. SQUEE!

    *must get a copy*! Oooh, maybe I’ll make Chapters order it for me. That’s a plan! Yay!

  3. Yes, Catie. Sounds like a plan to me too! And the drawing will be this coming Saturday, so… All you have to do to enter is to post a comment at the To Be Read blog.


  4. I just finished New Blood! Thank you for a wonderful book… I hope the next one is out soonest.

  5. This book was awesome. I stayed up really late to finish it when I completely did not intend to. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it!

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