Plodder’s Progress

I am a plodder. This has nothing to do with plotting, mind–though it sounds a lot alike when spoken aloud. And plotting issues can make me plod slower than usual–but my point is that in my writing, I am a tortoise, rather than a hare. I get the most done when I sit down every day and just keep plugging.

That said, the plodding and plugging is coming along nicely. I’ve hit the “All Is Lost” moment. The bad guys have struck back. The hero has inserted his foot in his mouth and done himself in. The heroine is throwing hissy fits. And it’s time for me to figure out how to get them down to the grand finale, catch at least most of the bad guys and win the day. I mostly know what will happen, but I’m not quite sure how I’m going to maneuver them into the situation where it can happen. I know what the closing scene will be too. It’s just moving really slow right this minute. But it’s moving. It’s pretty much on schedule to finish on time. By hook or by crook. I just have to keep plodding along…

Want to share a picture that amused me. The grownups played Twister at the beach house last month. It was funny. :)

I’ve been a total slug this past week. It has been wonderful. We did go do some shopping. Since the fella’s birthday was last Monday (we went to the Saltwater Grill for his birthday–I had barbecued redfish. Yum.), and mine is today (happy birthday to me–I am now officially a senior citizen, sigh), we went out yesterday to get our birthday present. When we bought our new sofa, the designer at the store showed us a lamp table we really liked, which we didn’t buy then. We bought it yesterday. Who knows when it will be delivered, but it will be beautimous, whenever it gets here.

We also bought a new amp for the keyboard, because the sound system went out at church last week, and the fella’s keyboard went totally silent. It’s not a big amp, light enough to carry, and has extra channels to plug in mikes if we need to. Then we hit the Labor Day sales at the mall–I got a T-shirt, a pair of pants and some shorts. The fella got a suit, dress shirts and two Hawaiian shirts, all on sale. I’d think he got more for my birthday than I did, but really, it was just stuff he needed. (Hawaiian shirts are almost required dress here.)

I get to have dinner out tonight–haven’t quite decided where to go. Fisherman’s Wharf maybe. I’ll try to remember to tell y’all where.

Dolly is a very, very good dog, yes. She is also the wussiest princess dog in the state. We had a rainstorm this morning. We’ve been letting her in at night, so if she escapes the fence, we don’t have to go find her at 4 a.m. I let her out this morning after the sun came out again, and the ground was all wet and puddly. She walked with me to take the trash out front–and when I was heading back in the house, she ran in ahead of me and went to her cubby hole. She didn’t want to stay out in all that wet! And I’m the softest touch in the state, because I let her come in. Sigh.

Back to work. Y’all have fun.

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