Still plodding, after all these…weeks

Last week, it rained. Every day. For most of the day. A lot. It was great, since we’ve been in something of a drought. There are mushrooms sprouting all over the neighborhood. There were a few days I had trouble getting much writing done, because it was dark and raining and it made me sleepy. (Of course, staying up late goofing off didn’t help any.)

I think I’m in a better swing of things now, finally. Should have been here earlier, but it’s working now, and ought to come in right on deadline. I’m into the final battle. Hoping the heroine hasn’t repeated herself too terribly much–I’m going to have to print it all out and go back through and check on that… I think I’m going to raise hope, and then dash it again, oh–two or three times. (maybe) I just keep trying to figure out how to raise the stakes higher. I don’t feel like they’re high enough yet, so I’ll goose them again. Elinor’s being a horse’s patoot at the moment, actually. Somebody’s going to have to knock her upside the head, I think. Maybe Harry. Maybe Nigel. Maybe… well, we will see. I just need to make sure she’s not being a repetitious horse’s patoot. :)

I did go hit the sales at Macy’s yesterday, before the local RWA chapter meeting, and spent my birthday money. They were having some pretty good sales–I got three shirts and a pair of dressy black pants for just over $50. (I paid the tax.) I have clothes to wear. I wanted to go to another store to buy a pair of jeans–I went, but they didn’t have any that were long enough. Maybe next time.

I’ll have to get somebody to take my picture in my new “finery” so I can show you. I was going to post a picture, but I don’t have any new ones. I don’t think I can do a “take a picture every day” thing, but surely I can manage “take a picture once a week.” Then I’d have to download it, though… I’ll try.

Off to type in story.

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