Cute kid stories

My kids are grown. Yes, I’m old enough to have grandkids (But only because my children got started early)–I’ve talked about them before.

Anyway, the older son recently called to tell me some cute grandboy stories. The oldest is eight, will be nine in July. He was walking with his dad in some large mega-box store, and it was crowded, so Dad said “Hey, give me your hand. We need to hold hands.”

And the boy said “Oh Dad, that’s so embarrassing.” At eight. Broke his Daddy’s heart. They grow up so fast. Of course, Dad made him hold hands anyway.

His little brother, our youngest grandchild, just turned six. He’s been dying to be a Cub Scout since he was three, when his big brother joined up, and will finally get to be a Tiger Cub in the fall when he starts first grade. (We come from a Boy Scout family–the fella is an Eagle Scout, as are our two sons.) And since Mom is a Den Leader, the little guy has been going to all his big brother’s meetings, pretty much since the beginning.

So at the most recent Bear Cub den meeting (3rd grade Cub Scouts), a new boy came. After the meeting, the new kid started beating up one of the other little brothers. The littlest grandboy pulled him off and pushed him back and said, “Do you want to be a Cub Scout?”

The new kid said “Yeah.”

And my Guy said “Then act like one.”

Just warmed the cockles of my heart. He’s such a good kid.

Oh, and the middle grandboy–the daughter’s son. He’s the one with autism. Anyway, Mom’s taking him on one of her conference trips so he can go stay with his other grandparents in Colorado, since her conference is in Denver.

She was telling him they were going to go on an airplane to see Grammy and Grandpa. He comes back with “Go see Gigi and Granddaddy” (what the little boys call us). They go back and forth a couple of times about which grandparents they were going to go see, and she finally asks him, “WHY do you want to go see Gigi and Granddaddy?”

He comes back with “Go to the Beach.”

Beach trumps mountains for a kid who lives where it snows, I guess. Apparently not because he wants to see US. 😉

Ah well. I enjoy cute kid stories. I have a number saved up from when my kids were little, to tell the grandkids and embarrass their parents one of these days. You got any to share?

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