Graduation Blow-out!

So, the boy is graduating. His degree will be a Bachelor of Science in marine engineering technology. It seems to be the sort of degree one ought to be able to find a job with, even in a slow economy. We are justifiably proud of him, and have invited everyone we can think of who might come to attend graduation, and then come to the house for a party afterward.

Okay, so it won’t be exactly a blowout. We’re not exactly the “blowout” types. There won’t be a kazillion people there–maybe as many as 15, depending on how many of the boy’s friends come. Our older son and his boys will be here by supper time tonight. The fella’s parents can’t come–his mom’s broken arm and injured hip is much better, but still not good enough to sit in a car for 5 hours. His brother has a son graduating college in Colorado at the exact same time (even accounting for the time zone difference). My parents–well, when I called them this morning, they had forgotten that we made arrangements for my sister to bring them down today. (sigh) But I think they’ll get it together and be here. Along with whoever else decides to come with the party. One or more of the nieces might come. The little one likes to travel…

The graduation ceremony will be in the morning (which is how the sister gets to come, since Saturday night is her son’s senior prom), and then we will repair to the house and barbecue shrimps and chicken, and eat potato salad, beans, and strawberries and angel food cake. I have boiled the eggs. I will make the potato salad tonight. As well as peel the shrimp and skewer them to be ready for grilling, and cut up the strawberries, and maybe cook the beans. We will be ready. :)

I figured I’ll probably be doing family stuff for a while–I might be taking the parents back myself, if they want to stay another day– and we’re going to a graduation party for the girlfriend on Sunday, so I thought I’d do the graduation post before it happens. Who knows when I’ll have time to do a post-graduation post. And I still can’t find the camera cord to download my pictures from a month ago. Sigh. Craziness.

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