Local wanderings

Okay, it’s not much like wandering if you’re just driving around town, but it feels wander-y. And I did drive up to League City. Of course, it’s only 20 miles away–when we lived in the Panhandle, I drove to Amarillo once a week–60 miles one way. It’s nice when you only have to drive 20 minutes to get where you’re going. And sometimes less.

This is another week of appointments. Yesterday, I went back to the dermatologist, because they didn’t get all the spot on my forehead the first time. And I decided I wanted the wart or whatever on my nose gone. But the open appointment was in League City, not Galveston. So I drove up there, they froze my forehead again and shaved the whatsit off my nose, and then I went to lunch and went shopping. The scab is tiny, and if it makes a scar, that will be tiny too. Less noticeable than the thingamajig that they took off. But I am wearing a bandaid for the next week. I may wind up with a round un-tanned place on my nose. (I plan to stay out of the sun, though.)

Today, I went to the library this afternoon, and on the way, I drove by the eyeglasses place and decided to stop and order some prescription sunglasses. I’ve needed a new pair since December or so, but put it off for a while. They will be cute. They are aviator-style but with turquoise/navy earpieces with hearts on them. Very cool.

We have a visitor for a few days–friend of the son’s who needs a place to stay while she does interviews. I’m having to figure out meals adaptable to a vegetarian diet. It’s been kind of fun, but really different. We’ve had black beans & rice, stuffed baked potatoes and maybe taco salad, or tacos, tonight. Taco salad is probably more adaptable. But I’m still writing.

Today is DAY 16. I’ve slowed down a bit–yesterday, because I had to leave the house early to go to my appointment, and today, because the boy got a phone call, and while he doesn’t talk quite as loud as his father, he’s plenty loud. But I’m still getting well over 100 words. :)

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