Stinky Day

I’m trying not to use…questionable language in my blog. But today was not the best day for me. Got a rejection on a romance–deserved, I think. Which will require some thinking as to the next step to take. But not now. I’ll think about it later. (I’m very Scarlett O’Hara that way) It’s still da** depressing. (Yeah, I know. I used one of “those” words. I can’t help it. I’m in a questionable mood.) I do know that everything said in the rejection letter is 100% true. I know that I have sold books before, and will again. But it’s still depressing, and I’m still in a stinky mood.

And I only got 4 pages written today. Got six pages yesterday–didn’t post that yet. I was pleased with yesterday’s stuff–and today’s is pretty good. Just didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. It would probably help if I knew what needed to happen. Didn’t do “morning pages” today, which is where I usually work this stuff out. Guess I’d better not skip them tomorrow. Got to get on the stick and get my writing done. Don’t want to be finishing it January 31.

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