Excitement, and thoughts on blogging

I’m all excited because my friend got a call from an editor she’d pitched to at a conference in San Antonio–at the appointment, the editor wouldn’t even let her run ideas by her because of a protocol matter–but the editor thought about her all weekend, went back to the office, looked up her previous proposal, looked at her sales numbers (she sold 3 books to Silhouette Romance, then didn’t sell anything else for over three years), cleared up the protocol issue, and now she wants her to submit something to a different line that we’ve all thought my friend was a better fit for than Sil. Romance. After so long feeling like she was butting her head against a brick wall, she’s so excited, she’s practically hyperventilating.

So, see? Even if you’ve been published once, or twice or three times, that’s no guarantee that you’ll get published again. Depressing thought, isn’t it?

I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs, and it seems that so many of them involve outrageous opinions that result in a lot of insults getting thrown around–or a lot of people agreeing with the outrageous opinion. So I thought I might try to make my blog more exciting, outrageous, or at least interesting. (My life is so BORING) The problem is, I’m not sure any of my opinions are outrageous, nor am I fond of arguments.

I can do conflict in my books. I HATE it in real life. I go far, far, FAR out of my way to avoid conflict. It’s the “peacemaker” in me. I’m an Enneagram 9. (I use the enneagram in character development, and of course, knowing oneself always helps in that–more about that another time.) Anyway, we shall see how things progress. I do have opinions. I’m just not sure how outrageous they are.

My books? Yes. They’re pretty outrageous. At least some might think so. The Compass Rose did get a mention on someone’s blog. I’m still not sure whether this is a good thing or bad. But at least one person did mention picking up a Luna. ‘Twould be nice if she picked up MY Luna…

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