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I want to do some things here with the blog that will require republishing the whole thing, and it just seems silly to republish (whatever that is) without doing a new post. So here I sit, trying to think of whatever it was that I wanted to talk about when I thought I might do a new post the other day and the mind is TOTALLY BLANK!!

Probably because it’s got so much stuff rumbling around in it. The daughter is coming tomorrow with the middle grandboy for a visit. I was supposed to be at the library fifteen minutes ago for a meeting about Summer Reading and totally forgot until this minute. (Oh hell. Oh well.) I have a workshop I’m doing for the North Texas RWA chapter in — I think they meet in Grapevine, but it’s down there on the Fort Worth side of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metromess…on Saturday. Need to go through the workshop and update some of the exercises. Then we’re trying to figure out whether the daughter is going with me to DFW to visit her brother while I’m doing the workshop, or if he’s going to make it to the youngest boy’s high school graduation–which is next week with multiple other relatives coming in to town–so that she can just visit him here, without having to travel 300-plus miles immediately after traveling several hundred more miles from Colorado.

I’m trying to decide if I have enough conflict for the Desire proposal I’m trying to put together–actually, right now, I’m just trying to do a contest entry. I like my chapter, but it’s the overall story I’m wondering about. I’m also waiting on a critique on the third Rose book for LUNA before I send it off, but with all the visits in the next week or so, there’s no hurry on that.

And I talked to my agent today. She had a conversation with an editor who remembered a book of mine she’d read over a year ago–they’d really liked it, except the middle seemed a bit claustrophobic (the setting doesn’t move much), and if that could be opened up… A more-or-less straight contemporary romance, with elements of suspense. So now the mind is buzzing with “how can I open up the middle without changing the good stuff about the story?”

We also talked about another story I sent her–the paranormal/curse/ghost story–and it needs a bit of tweaking–which actually will require less thinking than the others, because it’s mostly tweaking. I need to send all these things down to the swamp and let them ferment a while, since I have time to do it.

And hey, look! I’ve written a whole blog entry!

Okay, now I have to get that package ready to mail for the contest starting next month on my website (it’s a multiple author/multiple website contest–information is going up around June 15), and the bookplate sticker I promised, and that other thing I have to mail that I can’t remember right off hand–

If y’all want a bookplate for The Compass Rose or one of my other books (Hide-and-Sheikh or Her Convenient Millionaire), send an SASE (that’s self-addressed, stamped envelope, for those few of you who might not know) to POBox 176, Clarendon, TX 79226, and I’ll send you one.

And then I have to trim up that bush the guys moved Saturday so it doesn’t die, and think about baby-proofing the house and…

Geez, it never ends, does it?

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