Someone asked about my roast beef spaghetti recipe. It is a family recipe, but only since, oh 1970 or so, and Mama got it from a dear, dear friend, Sue Reich (pronounced Rich). Sue died a couple of years ago, in her 70s, from ALS and we miss her a lot. It calls for a chuck roast and a buttload of spices, but once you measure out all the spices, you just stick it in the oven (or crockpot) and let it cook. And cook and cook. It’s really good, though quite spicy. (Which is probably why I love it. Though I don’t eat plain jalapenos for snacks, I am enough of a Texan to put chili powder in my meatloaf…) I will try to get it up on my website in the next week. If I don’t, and you really want it, nag me.

I have The Eternal Rose off to the agent. Friday, I put Uncurse My Heart, the curse book with a ghost in it, in the mail to the agent. Now I can concentrate on just writing for a while. Once I clean up my worktable (I junked my workspot all up hunting something on the junky table so I have to clear that out again.) I can sit down and write the Desire proposal.

I like to have a “writing plan”–in terms of what to do next–laid out in my head, even if nowhere else. (And I should have it laid out on the calendar or something) That way, I waste less time dithering around trying to decide what to work on next. (Believe me, I’m really, really good at dithering. I can dither for days on end.) Once I finish the Desire proposal, I’ll go back to an older story and work on revising that till I hear about the Rose book. Then it will probably be “pedal to the metal” to get that puppy finished. And that should finish out the year. 😉

I did update the website this week, so go by and check it out. It’s got some new hunks for the “Hunt the Hunk” game and some fun pictures and a Contest! The contest doesn’t officially begin until June 15, though, so don’t get too excited about it. Still, some cool books and lots of stuff to go with them, cause there are 6 or 7 of us hosting the contest (hey, I do words, not so good with numbers).

Books Read since I last posted:
Thursday: Bait by Karen Robards and Superstition by Karen Robards (both very good)
Friday: The Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold (fantabulous!)
Saturday: Area 51 by Robert Doherty (quite good–better than expected, which sounds like “damning with faint praise”, but really, it was quite good. It’s a straight adventure/near future SF story–I tend to prefer more romance of which this had None–but I liked it anyway. Fast paced, lots going on, and it made sense.)

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