Drive-by Posting

Haven’t had much time to post here for a while. Last week, I went out of town with the spouse to the “garden spot” of Midland, Texas. And we had a good time. He had a conference there so I spent a fair bit of time doing absolutely nothing. Though we went to the Midland Civic Theater “Summer Mummers” performance of their melodrama. Locally written, it was a traditional melodrama merged with a 60s “Beach Blanket” movie: Beach Blanket Buckaroos. Lots of fun and silliness. And popcorn.

The Summer Mummers have been around a long time, apparently. Long enough to have traditions. And rules. Throwing popcorn at the villain has morphed into Giant Popcorn Wars amongst the audience.

Popcorn doesn’t throw very far–sorta like throwing autumn leaves–so it’s hard to get it to reach the villain up on stage. (The piano player wore one of those hat-umbrellas to keep it off him down in the orchestra pit.) So, to do something with the popcorn, people throw it at each other. Barkers go into the audience selling whole trays full of popcorn and the audience buys it 20 bags at a time. There were popcorn drifts around our ankles 3 inches deep. I got popcorn in my pants pockets, down my shirt (and bra), all in my hair… I had a blast! All those community college presidents throwing popcorn–everybody played, except the high school freshman son of one of the presidents who was too cool to participate… They tend to be at that age.

And I got to have lunch with Eileen Wilks who writes for Silhouette Desire and Intimate Moments, and writes very good werewolf books for Berkley. In fact, she had finished her second werewolf book at 5:30 a.m. before coming to pick me up downtown for lunch. I offered to let her go home and sleep, but she said she was too wired. So we had lunch and talked a lot–it was fun.

And next week, it’s time for Romance Writers of America’s annual conference, this year in Reno, and the fella’s going with me to my conference. I think he’s looking forward to doing as little as I did at his conference. (Though mine is longer, and there’s a lot more planned activities.)

I’ve been trying to write–but mostly I’ve been trying to get things ready for Reno, and for next March’s book. I finished up with the copyedits before heading for Midland, so that’s not hanging over me. Next thing, the galleys. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to see the cover for The Barbed Rose at the meeting.

Other than that, it’s hot and dry. The dirt is like concrete, which makes it hard to pull weeds in the rose beds–but they’re blooming…

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