Sunburn and … stuff

Okay, I really suck at coming up with titles for my blog stuff. This is not surprising, because I am not the best in the world at coming up with titles for my books. I am rather in a state of shock, actually, because Luna kept the titles I came up with for my first two books in The One Rose trilogy. The third one was going to be The One Rose but they wanted it for the trilogy title, so I have had to come up with a new title for the third book. At the moment, I’m calling it The Eternal Rose, but we shall see if that sticks.

And I’ve gotten totally off the topic that I thought I was going to write about. (I’m very good at that, actually.) Sunburn.

I acquired my first “real” sunburn of the season this past weekend. A real sunburn is when you burn somewhere besides your face, arms or feet and it’s bad enough you’re still painfully pink the next day, enough that a purse strap over the burn hurts. I’d been so good all summer, but mostly because I rarely ventured outside in the heat of the day, and never in a swimsuit. Then the brothers-in-law invited the son and spouse waterskiing on the lake near where we used to live. And when I jumped blithely into the lake to cool off and float around in the wonderfully warm water (I do not swim in lakes collected from snow melt. I am a Texan. I want WARM lake water.) I forgot that my shoulders were still their natural pasty white and forgot to slather on the sunscreen.

Yes, I know I should have known better. Fortunately, I only stayed in the water about thirty minutes, and so only my shoulders roasted, and then not overly much. They shouldn’t peel, but they might get a little flaky. Then again, there are those who say I’m flaky all the time, so…

Let’s see. I have entered serious writing mode. The editor sent me revision notes. We have come to agreement on how to handle them. So now it’s time to hunker down and get the rest of this book written. Although I’m trying to cram five days worth of writing into three this week, I feel good about what I’ve managed to accomplish.

Now it’s time to go finish the quilt I promised my son for his college bedspread this weekend…

Y’all have a good week! And maybe I’ll manage to post more often in the next one.

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