Random thoughts

Random thoughts are pretty much all you get on this blog, so the title could be re-used forever.

So, what should I write about on this post? I’ve spent the past week with my head in storyland, in between trips to the airport (it’s 60 miles away in the local “hub city” so I go early and run errands, and then wind up having to fool around waiting anyway because the plane’s late). Which means my life is even more boring than ever. And it’s really boring at the best of times.

And the writing didn’t go that well. I’m aiming for 30 pages (handwritten) a week. Up to this last week, I’d been getting 39 pages, 37 pages, 33 pages–always over my goal. And this last week, I only managed 29 pages. Yeah, one page off, I could have pushed a little harder and added that one page, but sometimes it’s like that dead-horse beating thing. I don’t care how hard you push/beat/ whatever, it just ain’t gonna move. It helps to know where one is going with the writing, I think. At least one day, I spent most of the morning staring out the window (I have some lovely windows by my work table, and an orchid that’s almost through blooming) trying to figure out what needed to happen next. Or whose POV I needed to be in.

There are days when it seems to be an awfully long hard slog to get from the beginning of a book to the end of it. Especially when it’s a big fat book like these fantasies always seem to be.

Hmmm. I have one more week before we go pick up our older son’s little boys to keep for a week. The break may be good for me.

I’ll try to post before they come, ’cause heaven knows, I may not be able to get to the computer while they’re here. I may have to keep it turned off…they just loooove keyboards. And mouses. And remote controls. And…

Okay, off to baby-proof.

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