To Blog, or Not to Blog

Actually, that isn’t the question, because the answer is, invariably–Blog!

I mean, why set up a blog if I don’t blog on it occasionally? No! I must Blog!

The problem is, I have trouble thinking of things to say. My life is excruciatingly boring. All I do is write, read books, drive to “the big city” once a week to paint and run errands and maybe, if I’m lucky, see a movie, and occasionally bake a pie. Admittedly, this has led to blogs about pies, but really…how boring is that?

I have friends who blog about imaginary people. Their blog is a story about someone or something they’d like to write about. I could do that. Except that most of the time, my brain is already too busy with trying to write the stories I actually get paid to write, and I’m not one of those people who is very good at shifting gears in the old brain. I even stink at the role-playing game things people like to do on the Luna boards. I just can’t be that clever on demand. Or something. I admire those who can, and wonder why I can’t.

So what you get here are the “Welp, I finished up two more quilt blocks last night, and this morning, I relocated a love scene and taught my characters how to dream-walk and tomorrow, we’re going to have a big bad lover’s quarrel and then…” type of blogs, interspersed with the occasional paean to pies and inspired bit of writer’s talk. Usually inspired by somebody else.

Hope I don’t bore you too much. :)

3 Responses to To Blog, or Not to Blog

  1. For what it’s worth, it’s exactly the day to day dull stuf that I like reading about on people’s blogs. Voyeuristic of me, I know. :)


  2. Oooh!
    The very moment something is on demand – my mental screen freezes.

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