Yet Another Project

I begin to think that I am truly certifiable. Here I am, trying to finish this stinkin’ book (they all start to stink, the closer it gets to deadline without ‘the end’ being written), and I have glommed onto a new project.

I am a bit of a hobby junkie. I have this need to try lots of stuff, and I’m terrible about starting huge projects and then never finishing them. It’s one reason I take an art class, so that I have a definite time and place to go and paint. I love to paint, but if I had to squeeze the time and space to paint at home, I never would. I’d find other piddly things to do. It’s why, though I complain about them, I actually love deadlines. I have something driving me to FINISH.

Anyway, amongst my many hobbies is quilting. It’s a creative thing that’s almost brainless while you’re actually doing it because of all the repetitive motions, so that your subconscious can work on something different while the conscious mind is concentrating on matching seams or keeping the stitching line straight. Of course, I have lots and lots of quilts that aren’t anywhere near finished–including last year’s “Block of the Month” County Extension project–but that doesn’t stop me from getting all excited about new ideas or buying new fabric. (I am definitely a fabric addict.) Which finally brings me to my point, and it actually does have a bit of something to do with books and writing and such.

I’m going to attempt to create a quilted variation of the compass rose symbol that’s used in all three of my One Rose trilogy books. I can’t actually find anything that looks exactly like the symbol I made up and the Luna art department developed, which is why the variation, but I’m kind of excited about it. I found a Mariner’s Compass pattern I’m going to adapt. I’ve bought fabric in the compass colors–blue for the north, green for the east, yellow for south and black for west, plus a red to go in the center around the rose I’m cutting out of a rose-print fabric. (Part of the adaptation). In the symbol, the cardinal directions are indicated by a blue lightning bolt, green twining vine, yellow flame and black briar and I’m thinking that, beyond the Mariner’s compass block, I may try to adapt those designs from the book, if I’m feeling ambitious. We’ll see how far I get first.

I suppose I could post my progress here on the blog. And even do pictures, if I can figure out how to use that feature. 😉 That would give me pressure–er, well–motivation to actually get this new project done. I can’t write in the afternoons very well. I tend to fall asleep over the work. But I can do other things. Or maybe I won’t begin until my deadline is no longer looming over me. I probably should…

So, okay, I’ll get busy on the book. Then I’ll do the quilt…

One Response to Yet Another Project

  1. Gail, I would love to see your process of putting idea to, well, fabrick. I have found that the best motivation is the constant “when are you going to finnish” of friends and family. By posting your progress here, you’ll have an entire comunity of friends asking “is it done yet?”

    I love quilting. I love shopping for fabric. But give me a pattern and a sewing machine, and I’m hopeless. I don’t know why, it just turns out that way.

    Luckily for me, right now I’m into knitting. So is the character in one of my books (or should I say, two books). While I learn how to do this or how to do that, my character grows and so do I. So, when I get that nasty writers block, I whip out my blanket and get to work. That always puts me back into the mood. Also lucky for me, it’ll be a wonderful prize or raffle to pair up with my two books when they’re done.

    You could use the same motivation. When that world of writing becomes clouded and gray, whip out your fabric, your pattern, or a piece of paper and some colored pencils. The constant reminder will cause something in your brain to ‘snap’ into place.

    Most of all, do it because you like it. And because you want to. Don’t worry, when you start to slow down, I’m sure somebody will kick you in the right direction 😉


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