Decisions, decisions

I got my revisions for The Eternal Rose in the mail today, a big, fat, huge package that I then hauled around the park in my morning constitutional (aka walk) before hiking up the little baby hill to home. Good thing I got more of my walk in today before I picked up the mail–that sucker is really heavy. (I had to take the car to get the oil changed, so I dropped it off, swung by the library, a block and a half from there, to leave some books and computer CDs I was donating, then the block and a half to the post office, then… Have I mentioned I live close to downtown in a very small town?)

So I have those revisions to work on this week. Which is a good thing, because once I finish them up, I have no idea what to attempt next.

This can be a big deal to some of us on occasion. When one is working on contract, it’s usually obvious what needs to be written next. However, I have finished up (mostly) my current Luna contract, and have already sent the proposal for the option book to the agent. I have also sent a fantasy romance manuscript. Now what?

This is going to require some thought. What of my current ideas has the best shot at actually making a sale? (Remember those goals of mine?) Maybe I need to make up something new to target to a new opportunity. Maybe I need to try something completely different, without any fantasy/paranormally elements. What if all of the things I have out circulating suddenly sell? Will I have time to write them all? Is that a problem I will mind having? Will I make myself crazy before I finally decide what to work on?

Well, yes, probably…

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  1. Oh, my. You have set my mind a-whirl. I wish you luck on the edits, the proposals, and the… mind lag? LOL I’m sure you’ll come up with something wonderful to write, and if not, I have a few suggestions 😉

    Happy Writing and Happy Editing,
    Amber Jennell

  2. As someone with, uh. *counts* 8 books contracted for and due in the next 2 years (and it’s 8 only because I’ve turned 2 in already), I can say that 1. you will have to write them all, 2. you will mind having the problem, but it will be a sort of gleeful dread minding, and 3. yes absolutely without question you’ll be crazy. But happy. :)

  3. LOL I’ll have to keep that in mind when (and if) my proposals fly. As for crazy… well, it may already be to late for that.

    Personally, I can’t see how you can manage to write 8 books in two years. You must have the persistence of a horse, and the stubbornness of a mule. Good luck with all of them; I’ll be keeping my suggestions to my self.

  4. My mother says I’m the most stubborn person she’s ever met. You would have to meet the rest of her immediate family to appreciate the depths that this remark reaches to. :)

    It is, none the less, going to be a *very* busy two years. :)

  5. As a loyal fan of your work, I’m sure I can speak on behalf of others and tell you that no matter what you do, we’re going to love it.



  6. Thanks for the encouragement, everybody. Yeah, Catie, I don’t envy you your workload. Well, I DO, but I don’t…

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