Friday Thoughts

Have you noticed? I really stink at titles. I can hardly come up with titles for my books without help, and I sure can’t title my blog posts, as you might have noticed. But hey, I had Monday thoughts a while back, so surely I can have Friday thoughts.

Monday thoughts tend to be “had a good weekend but dang, there’s a lot of stuff to do this week.” Friday thoughts are more like “look at all the stuff I got done” or “look at all the stuff I DIDN’T get done that I’m going to have to do next week!” This was a “wow, I got a lot done” week.

I finished up the first round of revisions on The Eternal Rose and got them down to under 600 pages. I want to get it down a little lower, but I’m going to let it sit a while.

I also finished revisions on the proposal for New Blood (working title, but I kinda like it). They went back in the mail to the agent today.

And I cut out that loud shirt–there wasn’t a collar pattern piece in the envelope of the old pattern I wanted to use (didn’t want set-in sleeves), so I had to borrow the collar pattern from the new pattern I bought (the one with set-in sleeves). Hopefully, it will fit. Same pattern company, same type of shirt, same size, so… I have sewing on my to-do list for today.

I also cut out the strips for the Compass quilt I’m making. Amber Jenell’s comment on the last blog post motivated me, so thanks Amber! It will probably take me another month to figure out how to sew them together–it’s a new technique I’ve never done before–but hey, I’m further along than I was before, right?

And I finished my chicken painting. Haven’t taken a picture of it yet–the hay’s still wet, and the chicken beaks. They reflect too much light if I don’t wait for the paint to dry. But I did take pictures of some of my other paintings…I’ll have to get them posted, huh?

Oh yeah, and I fed my fabric habit. I bought two pieces–one for a very twirly-type skirt (black crepe with big red roses), and a piece of red-orange-purple swirly print satin I have no idea what to do with, but I thought it was really pretty, so I bought it anyway. I could make another one of these twirly skirts, if the first one works, I guess. I could have bought a lot more–there was some Gorgeous Asian brocade–but I told myself I couldn’t buy any more till I made up what I’ve already bought. Y’all hold me to it.

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  1. (Hi Gail. We “met” back on eHQ. I was SarahP. Just explaining so I don’t look like a stalker for this comment: )

    Now I want to attend conferences where you might be just to get a look at these wild pieces of clothing. 😉

    (All done.)

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