Beat-with-a-Stick Tired

I do feel like I’ve been beat with a stick. I spent the morning pulling weeds, hoeing weeds and digging Bermuda grass out of my front flower bed. (Here is my yearly litany: I HATE BERMUDA GRASS–at least when it gets in my flower beds…) The day’s not even half over yet, and I’m tired. Even if I were younger, I’d be tired. That’s hard work, y’all.

So now I’m ready for the blue sage and the switch grass (or maybe it’s fountain grass) and red dianthus and white anthemis I ordered from the dry-gardening catalog from Santa Fe to arrive next week to fill in the spots between the stuff that survived from last year. More of the lilies I planted survived than I thought, and one of the roses is actually showing a bit of red on a bud, and all of the mums survived the winter’s drought, and most of the dwarf yaupons are putting on leaves, even the ones growing in caliche, or the equivalent. None of the iris are budding out yet, but they look healthy, so I’m happy. And tired.

I will post pictures of the stuff I’m making on my website when I get them finished and get around to taking pictures and downloading them from the camera and updating the website. Those of you who’ve been around a while know that this can be a rather long process, since I am the queen of procrastination, and all. But it will eventually happen. Now I’ve ironed the interfacing on my shirt collar (the one I borrowed from the other pattern), I can probably get most of the shirt sewed up in an afternoon. It’s mostly a matter of marking off the afternoon to do it.

And you know, only the multi-colored-horses-on-black print is extremely loud. The red satin is very subtle. It looks just red at first, until you look closer and see all those subtle tones swirled over the red. I’m leaning toward a loose shirt/blouse with ruffles that fall over the hands, and maybe ruffles on the collar or down the front with that one… bit of a “poet’s shirt” only in bright red.

I’m tired…and the day is only half over. Need to go dry my hair and put on make up for a lunch at a friend’s way the heck out in the country.

And then I really ought to update the website…

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