Quickie Reading list

I’ve been reading pretty much since I left Atlanta. I’ve probably left some books off this list, but here is a partial list of the books I’ve finished this week–I thought y’all might like to see

ON THE WAY TO THE WEDDING by Julia Quinn, (Quinn lives up to her reputation)
GETTING EVEN by Kayla Perrin (a HQ Spice that wasn’t particularly spicy but was fun to read),
SEDUCED BY CRIMSON by Jade Lee (fabulous as Lee always is),
HOSTILE MAKEOVER by Wendy Wax (pretty good, though I thought she left the resolution a little late and a little obscure),
DEAD RECKONING by Sandra K. Moore (a very good Bombshell),
THE RED HAT CLUB by Haywood Smith (lots of fun),
TIGER LILY by Kimberly Dean (very erotic erotica),
RESENTING THE HERO by Moira J. Moore (nice fantasy with a touch of romance that doesn’t really fit its rather comic cover),
JUST FOR KICKS by Susan Anderson (an auto-buy author that lived up to my expectations),
THE TURNING by Jennifer Armintrout (a vampire book with romantic elements–might be uncomfortable for some because of one of the guys there’s romance–or something–with),
CAPTIVE MOON by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp (a new shapeshifter book–very good),
WINDOW DRESSING by Nikki Rivers (Hq Next–good read), and
KITTY GOES TO WASHINGTON by Carrie Vaughn (werewolf radio personality–I liked this better than the 1st one. Good read.)

Yeah, I know. I read way too fast…

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  1. Thanks for all the news from RWA it sounded very exhausting, but a lot of fun too. Wow I wished that I could read as fast as you!Then maybe I could get through my TBR pile actually box,lol.

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