Yeah, well…

I’ve been home a week and haven’t blogged. I’m tired, okay? I’ve been writing and reading books and just generally being incredibly lazy. But guess what?!?

It’s been RAINING!!!!

When we got home from dropping the son at his very first apartment in college, it was apparent that it had rained sometime over the weekend. There were puddles! So the fella got busy and mowed the lawn, and about the time he put the mower up, it started raining again. And it rained again the next day. And the next.

Now this may not seem such a fabulous event to you–if so, you probably don’t live in west Texas. Rain has been very scarce this year, and if we don’t get enough, the plains won’t recover from that million acre fire we had back in the spring. All the ash blew away and left nothing but dirt behind–we were beginning to worry that there might be another dust bowl-type occurrence. It’s going to take more to get the grass to growing good in those places where the fires were–there’s lots of tumbleweeds (aka Russian thistles), broom and other weeds, but no grass. So a few raindances sent out way wouldn’t be out of line.

On the other hand, the rain makes the weeds in my front flowerbed REALLY grow big. And I really need to get out there and pull them all up. (sigh)

Still writing the brick-in-the-head book. I’ve got a proposal, and a bunch more pages too.

Have I mentioned? I love my empty nest…

Ta for now.

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