Thursday Thoughts

Hey. I told you I stunk at titling stuff.

Okay, so. Went down to Waco for Baylor Homecoming last weekend. It was our 30th reunion year, but didn’t see anybody we know except for one guy who was in the journalism department with me who now teaches there and writes mostly non-fiction books. Had a good talk with him and his wife (who went through the same education school program the fella did so they had stuff to talk about).

Went to see the boy, mostly. He still hasn’t gone by to talk to people about changing his major to see if they’ll let him into their department. (GRRR!!) But he’s doing well, not starving…not cleaning up his apartment either, but hey, that’s what college is for. To learn that occasionally you do have to take out the trash and wash the dishes…

We went to the Homecoming Parade Saturday morning–Baylor has the biggest homecoming parade in the nation–and the winning Class A float caught fire just before it got to us. It was one of two “dragon” floats. One (the one that didn’t catch fire) was a “St. George and the Dragon” theme float, (only St. George was in a football helmet and pads, rather than shining armor) and the other was a Chinese dragon with a bear-type face. (For those of you poor souls who don’t know, the Baylor mascot is a bear.) Anyway, both floats had fire for the dragon’s mouth–and the Chinese dragon caught his face on fire. Fortunately, the “float walkers” had fire extinguishers and put it out in a few seconds. Still, it was a rather exciting few seconds. The son thought it was hilarious, since the burning float was built by a “rival” fraternity.

The football game was hot, Hot, HOT. I put on sunscreen and got burnt anyway. It was so bright, I wore–well, a towel, okay? I wore a towel on my head to shade my poor little part (I have sunburnt the part in my hair so many times it isn’t funny) and my eyes so I could see the field. I didn’t get one of the ball caps in the car before going into the stadium. I probably couldn’t have worn it, because I have a giant head–bigger than anyone in the family–but I didn’t even think about it. Hence, the towel-head. We stayed through the whole entire game, even though Baylor was behind by 18 points going in to the 4th quarter–and it was worth it, because about 10 minutes into the quarter, the Bears came roaring back and won the game. Very exciting. (I like football when I have something invested in the game. Or when I’m there in person. I get very loud.)(Hey, I’m a Texan. And I live in a small town.)

Then we came home. I’m going to Austin for the World Fantasy Conference next week, so it’ll probably be a little while before I manage to get here to blog again.

Oh! Got a phone call from the daughter in grad school. (The only daughter I have.) She made all A’s on her mid-terms. (Rather expected, since her brothers’ nickname for her is “Girl Genius”) And the grandboy who lives there actually condescended to speak to me on the telephone. He didn’t say “Hi, GiGi.” He sang “The Itsy Spider” to me. The Spider got washed, but wouldn’t climb back up the spout. He sang to me twice. Once to say hi, and once to say bye. Boy genius, I tell ya. And that spider never did get back up that spout, but boy did it get washed.

Okay, I’ve bored you enough. Giving a shout-out to Lindi! Hey girl–and if you get your bachelor’s, you tend to be less poor (Okay, I’ll give the lectern back to your mom now)…yeah, I need to update the website. I’ll get there.

I finished the synopsis for Devil in a Red Dress so things are moving right along in that area… Later.

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