Christmas Fun Ahead

Well, the new computer isn’t getting picked up today. It’s ready, but the roads up on the caprock and into Amarillo are all iced over, and I’m not about to brave them for any reason. Especially since I’m such a chicken about driving in icky weather. So the computer will have to wait till later.

We should have no problems heading south however, to pick up the grandboys (and parents) in Dallas. Originally, we were only going to have the one boy for Christmas, but plans have changed, and our older son’s two boys are going to be able to come for Christmas morning as well. Their dad will be flying out to work right after Christmas, but the boys will get to stay till he comes back on the weekend. The house may well be straining at the seams, but we’ll have lots and lots of fun.

Wish me luck, and sanity. :)

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  1. Good luck! Good sanity! :)

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