Heading to Town

It’s above freezing for the first time in a week or so, the ice is melting off the street, I think I can get out of the driveway, so I’m heading to town.

This means I’m stopping for the day at 9 pages. (14 total yesterday)

Wow. This means I’ve written 53 pages so far this week. No wonder my arm and shoulder hurt. (For some reason, the black ink pens don’t flow as smoothly as the blue ink pens (I alternate between black and blue from one day to the next, so I can track how much I write a little easier.) and I find myself gripping them harder–today was a black ink day)

Anyway, off to the “big city.”

The main streets are dry, so if I can get off my street, I’m home free, and it’s looking really good. So…

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