Things I have to look up.

So. It’s snowing like crazy outside, and has been pretty much all day. Snow’s probably halfway up my shins–or would be if I were crazy enough to go outside in it, which I’m not, so we’ll never know just how deep it is…until somebody tells me, I guess.

Anyway, I actually wrote a little bit this morning, which I don’t usualy do on Saturdays. But today I did. And I put so many things in the margins that I need to look up, that I started a separate “Things to Look up” page, so I can just go look them all up at once. I’ll have to go back in the MS and note down all the other stuff I need to look up from earlier in the week, but today, I have:

1. The number of bones in the human body?

2. When did Prince Albert die (you know, the guy Queen Victoria was married to)?

3. How long has banking been important in Geneva and/or Switzerland? When did they start the numbered account thing?

4. How long does it take to wash a henna rinse out of hair?

5. What is the Hungarian equivalent of “Mister”?


6. What was an important Romanian city in the early 1860s?

Anybody who knows the answers to these burning questions is encouraged to e-mail me the answers or post them as comments (preferably with documentation so I can make sure you’re right…not that I don’t trust you, but…you know the saying: In God we trust, all others Verify…? Well…)

I did get 6.5 pages today, which with the two pages I wrote last night, and didn’t count with yesterday’s pages, makes 8.5. At least I’m more or less consistent…

Hey, I got my books to judge in the RITA contest yesterday. I have things to read. Seems the delivery service couldn’t find my house, so the guy took it to the Sheriff’s office, and one of the deputies brought it by the house. I guess that’s what you do these days–if you can’t find some place, take it to the cops…


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  1. I emailed this, but I”ll post it here too, just ’cause. :)

  2. that didn’t work the way I intended it to. Oops. :)

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