Nobody Expects the Hungarian Inquisition

Thought I’d be writing a daring escape through the streets of Budapest running from the Hungarian Inquisition…and wound up writing the first kiss…and stopping right when they arrived in Budapest. Oh well. I’ll have the escape to write tomorrow…and the heroine’s reaction to the kiss…

Took me 9.5 pages to write all that, so…

Fixing to head into town. The streets look pretty melted, and they’re predicting upper 40s today (about 8.5 C) in Amarillo, so I should have no problems, as long as I don’t stay so long they freeze again before I get home. Okay. I’m gone!

2 Responses to Nobody Expects the Hungarian Inquisition

  1. Aaaah! Totally new blog layout! Surprised Catie! :)

    (Looks nice!)


  2. The other was so very minimalist…thought I’d try something new, with the new Blogger stuff. :)

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