Yep. All the way from the very first page to the very last, with more scenes and background info than it needs, that I need to slice out, and not enough emotion which I’ll need to add in. But It Is Done. The bad guys get theirs, the good guys get theirs, and I have all the scenes (and then some) I need. Now I have to type the sucker in.

And it’s going to be too long, as usual. (sigh) But I have already IDed some things I can cut, so that will help. (I don’t need that much exposition…)

Today, I took a break. I put receipts in my accounting program. I worked on my weekly and quarterly goals. (Okay, yeah, I know we’re already into April, and it’s Wednesday, not Monday, but I’ve been busy!) And then I read. Okay, I went to choir practice, except choir practice got cancelled, since the pianist couldn’t be there, so I came home, and then I read.

Whoever it was that recommended Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy, you were right. The books are Fabulous. I have been glomming onto Bishop this week. I ordered Belladonna (I had a coupon, so I bought it in hardback), and the 3-in-1 edition of The Black Jewels. I stayed up all night Saturday reading all three Black Jewels books one after the other. They were so wonderful. So this week, I bought the Dreams book, and another one called The Invisible Ring. Read them both already. Plus one by Vicki Pettersen that was pretty good, and I can’t remember the title right off hand, but it’s a debut novel and just out on the shelves.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work for me. Typing the fingers to the bone. I’ll probably just type in this week, and next week, work on revising the first three chapters again. I think now that I’ve finished the book, it will be easier to get the nuances right.

It’s sorta like the portrait I’m attempting to paint. The tiniest change can make a huge difference. Hopefully, I can get the book right-er than the painting…

4 Responses to Ta-DAAAAA!!

  1. HOORAY! Congratulations! Yaaaay! -does a little dance with you-! :)


  2. Yay, Gail! Congrats!

    I just read the Pettersson book last week (The Scent of Shadows) and bought the sequel last night. I liked it a lot.

  3. Geez, there’s a sequel already? Hmm. Guess I’ll go look for it.

    Thanks for the congrats. It feels like it’s been a long slog, but it hasn’t. Just since January, really…

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