Strange Spring

This has been a very strange spring, weather-wise, in the Texas panhandle. Not only has it been very rainy, but it’s been cool. Usually, by Memorial Day, we’ve had several days in the 90s (above 32C) and it’s pretty much stuck there. This year, we haven’t reached 90 yet, and most days haven’t made it into the 80s (26C). This is extremely cool. I’ve had to pull on my light jacket inside a lot of days.

Some will say that this proves that global warming is nonsense, but weather naturally varies from year to year. But something changed this year (or maybe the end of last) that I think proves global warning. The USDA had to change the growing zones.

These are the zones that show the average minimum temperatures which determine the hardiness of plants that will grow in that area. When we moved to our part of the panhandle, we moved into zone 7 which has a large number of plants that will grow here. Lilacs–which need more cold–will grow in zone 7, and you can also leave cannas in the ground year round without them freezing. However, in the recent “rezoning”–the southeast Texas panhandle is now in zone 8. Those lilacs are going to be under more stress, with hotter summers and warmer winters.

Growing zones are determined by the average temps over a large number of years, so obviously those averages are moving up. Global warming.

I want to give a shout-out to Jessica (and congrats on that baby boy!) and to Lindi. Don’t know when you’ll have time with a computer, Lindi-girl, but we’re proud of having an Air Force girl in the family. Come visit us if you can, while we’re in the same state. :)

Also, I sent an excerpt from The Eternal Rose out to my newsletter subscribers last week. An excerpt that I will not be posting on my website. So if you want to read it, subscribe to my newsletter. >:D The how-to is on my website. I’ll also give subscribers first look at the “official” excerpt when I post it on the website, if you need more motivation to sign up.

Okay, off to the doctor. I’m coughing like one of the lungs wants out…

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  1. I’ve seen several articles lately about the possibility that global temperatures & weather reacting to sun activity…very interesting.

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