I’m here. At the new place. We loaded up Saturday, after packing stuff all day Friday, then drove partway Saturday afternoon. We got to town about 3 the next afternoon, unloaded Sunday night, and the cable people came by today (Wednesday) to install the cable and get the computer up and running. I’ve unpacked and put away stuff. The kitchen is sorta, mostly together. I have a bed to sleep in, drawers and a big closet for my clothes…and a washateria somewhere around. I’m still learning my way around. It’s helpful that this town is mostly a grid.

And this a.m., I decided that if I was going to live at the beach, I was going to go to the beach, so I put on my shorts & T-shirt early, before it got hot, and drove down to the beach (we’re about 1 to 2 miles from the beach), and walked barefoot along the water. There was an egret, two different kinds of sandpipers, and of course a whole horde of seagulls that appeared like magic out of nowhere when some turistas started flinging bread at them. The broken shells in the sand here and there weren’t a lot of fun, but the water was…

I’d forgotten, though, just how HOT it can get here. The temp is not actually that high, but because it’s essentially 100% humidity, it Feels really, really hot. Well over body-temp. We went to a free band concert near downtown last night, and as long as the breeze was blowing, it was bearable, since the sun was mostly down, but if that breeze stopped… I’m just going to have to get used again to being slightly sweaty all the time…It was a fun event though–every Tuesday night in the summertime. They play a little of everything, have a kids’ maracas/rhythm band song, have a flag parade every week. It was mostly locals, too, which I found interesting. If the grandboys get to come before school starts, we’ll have to take them.

I have the computer set up on a card table. I’ll have to wait and see about a writing space–we haven’t brought the dining table upstairs yet. (Yeah, I’m in a house where I have to climb stairs–a full flight of them–to get to the front door.) I figure next week will be soon enough to get busy writing. I’ve got a fantasy con in Austin this weekend. If anybody’s there, come by and say hey. :)

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  1. If you ask me, as long as the computer is set up and the AC is working, then all is well.

  2. Enjoy the beach girl!! I consider stairs excercise. Up and down them so many times a day, it’s a mini workout. I celebrate the workout with additional chocolate. -dl

  3. I’m jealous. I wanna live at the beach too! Yes, whiny … I know. :)

  4. Hi Gail, I’m in Australia and i can’t wait for the books to arrive but i think it will take some time. But i’ll tell you when they arrive. I read the review on the Eternal Rose and i can’t wait to the read the novel!!!! :)

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