Great Big Giant Wave Pool

The grandboys have come to visit. They went on a bay fishing trip with Daddy and Granddaddy yesterday afternoon, and caught a little shark and a sand bass. Four little pieces of fish that tasted delicious. Yes, Gigi cooked them. Gigi did NOT clean them. We got somebody else to do that.

The boys do not want to go to the beach. They want to go to the Big Giant Wave Pool also known as The Gulf of Mexico. We got them to eat the fish by telling them it was chicken. They loved the fish–even after we told them it was fish… So we figure they’ll love the beach, once they learn it’s the original Wave Pool. Sometimes, it IS all in a name…

We are grateful that Hurricane Dean seems to be heading south of our location, though we hope it doesn’t do too much damage to Mexico. When Tropical Storm Erin came onshore last week, it rained all day here, and the surf was up (it’s usually non-existent in the summer). However, things were so churned up that, instead of whitecaps, we had browncaps. I’m hoping the sand is on the bottom today, when we go out.

Let’s see, I have some questions I want to answer.

I’m not going to get to go to World Fantasy this year. It’s in upstate New York, and while I’d like to go, I need to sell another book first. (sigh)

Comics. I’ve collected a lot, but mostly X-Men related. I do have quite a collection of Daredevil comics, because I’ve always felt a connection with him, even back when I was a kid in junior high and high school. I can see, but I can’t tell where anything is (poor binocular vision & no eye-hand coordination). Daredevil knows exactly where everything is, but he can’t actually see. We’re opposites. Anyway, the Daredevil movie wasn’t exactly the best in the genre, but Daredevil comics are uber-cool, IMO.

And I too would love to be able to say “This old thing? Why, it’s my Magic Hoohah!” in a conversation.

Still no books. Though I probably ought to check the mail box here at the house for my new driver’s license.

Next week. I can write next week. Hopefully.

2 Responses to Great Big Giant Wave Pool

  1. Amazon just emailed me because I preordered the book – they said the publication date was pushed back until October

  2. Mmmmmmm … fish! ! had smoked salmon for dinner and it was soooooooooooo good!

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