Late Birthday? Or Early Christmas?

So we went to this auction at a bed & breakfast in town that apparently floundered into bankruptcy. They were auctioning off all the furnishings, a couple of classic cars, the house itself, as well as another a couple of blocks away–all sorts of fancy stuff. I may have mentioned before, the fella has discovered a passion for auctions, so we went. Both days.

I intended to go downtown and get me a signed Firefighter’s calendar, since we were in the neighborhood, but I just flat forgot, which aggravates me no end. I think maybe I’ll see if they have some extras at the bookstore one day this week.

Anyway, if you’d asked me a week or so ago, I’d have told you there was no such thing as a house that’s too big for me, but both these houses for sale fit that category. They were just too darn big. Neat, old houses, but way, WAY too big for me.

We did come away with a couple of purchases, one each day. There’s a bit of a history to one of these purchases. I’ve wanted a rug for my side of the bed for a while. I’ve brought three different rugs home from the store– the first two didn’t look right and the third, the fella didn’t like the way it felt when he stepped on it. So I threw a little bit of a hissy fit (what? Me???) and said I’d take this one back too, but he was going to have to help me find a rug we both could live with. Oh, and I wanted a rug for the living room too.

Well, amongst the things for sale were a whole bunch of handmade oriental rugs. Admittedly, we don’t know a whole lot about the rugs, but the prices they were getting for these great big, all-wool, or wool-and-silk rugs weren’t much more than what you would pay for a rug from Home Depot. And they were a lot prettier. So we bought one. A great big one for the living room. Then we went back the next day, and bought another one for the bedroom. Both the rugs were made in India, the big one in Kashmir, and the little one in Agra. The bedroom one has a lot of silk in it and is very cushy on the toesies.

This first one is the big wool rug in the living room (and a sorta shot of the living room–yes, we are using wood serving trays for end tables–we didn’t move all our furniture). And this second picture is my bedroom rug. I think it’s very lovely. My toes are happy. :)

I thought about going to the beach today to walk, but it was seriously foggy out pretty much all day today. It sorta, kinda cleared off around noon-ish, but fogged in again by 1:30. And I just didn’t feel like walking on the beach in the fog. We have no beach report today.

I have typed in the synopsis for White Elk, and am in the midst of revising chapter 3, switching the point-of-view in the first part of it so it’s all in the hero’s POV. I think it’s working rather nicely.

I am again uncertain about the “time” title. I’m beginning to think something like Time Thief or Time Catcher, or maybe even Time Catch, might work better. Or maybe Time Splice. They don’t actually splice time. Other things are spliced, but… I am the sucks-at-titles Queen. Probably a good thing publishers don’t often let you keep your titles–though I did come up with all the Rose titles myself…

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