The Spring Crud

Friends all over the states are coming down with the crud. (Crud sounds like a much more realistic name than something mellifluous-ish like flu…) And yes, I’ve got it too. I came down with a cold just before I started the new job, which turned into bronchitis (colds/flu almost always does with me). I was pretty much over it by the official first day. Then I went to Waco to visit friends and talk writing–and some kind of pollen or something blew in. My friend had an asthma attack, and my allergies flared up. And since I was barely over the bronchitis, it instantly turned back into the same crud.

I’ve been to the doctor, have new different meds, but dang, I think I may cough up a lung here. My stomach muscles are getting sore. I pretty much always have a deep cough, and it sounds Terrible. The girl at the next desk in the newsroom is a bit of a hypochondriac and my cough has made her nervous all week, because she’s getting married this weekend. I’m told I’m not contagious, though.

So, yeah. Pretty much I’m whining online. Poor pitiful me. Even stayed home from music practice tonight because I can’t take a deep breath without coughing.

Oh, and the fella came home from his trip to D.C. with the crud. He’s going to the doctor in the a.m. Last night, we had chicken and rice–with Ginormous chicken breasts–too big to eat in one sitting. So for the leftovers, we each got individual zipper bags for our piece of chicken and I wrote our names in Sharpie on the outside so we don’t exchange germs. Of course, we sleep in the same bed, so I don’t know how much good it will do, but…we’re trying. He actually tried to accuse me of giving him my crud over the phone. He’s been out of town over a week, so we haven’t seen each other to share germs, but you know guys. If they can possibly blame somebody else, they’re going to try. :)

Oh well. It really is getting better. I just wish it would get better faster. I’m pretty sure you can’t build up your abs by coughing.

Hope y’all have had a great Valentine’s Day. Except for the coughing, mine’s been pretty good. But I’ll tell y’all about that later.

What do you think about COLD IRON as a book title?

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  1. COLD IRON makes me think about faeries. cold iron is supposed to be one of the things that can really really hurt them, I guess kinda like vampires and garlic, only it hurts the good guys instead of keeping the bad guys away.

    It’s only really in that context that I’ve seen “cold iron” instead of just “iron.”

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