My Dad is in the movies

So. I’ve been away. I’m home now, and my furniture has arrived. I have a real desk now. I had to disconnect my internet to get the desk into the room, and am having trouble getting it back, but that’s not what this blog is about. See, my dad is gonna be in the movies.

On my way to the panhandle to supervise the packing and loading of all our stuff (of which we have WAY too much), I drove through Smithville to check on the parents. They’ve been in their house three weeks now, and the remodel of their demolished bathroom is on track. Mama called me one day to tell me they’d picked out tile for the bathroom, but she couldn’t remember what it looked like. It looks nice.

I went with them to the county courthouse so they could register to vote at their new address–and we got horribly lost, because we turned left rather than right in downtown Bastrop–and we went to look at carpet to replace the stained carpet they have now. And then, when we got home, Mama took a call.

Seems that the movie that is currently filming in Smithville, starring Brad and Angelina, wanted Daddy to come for a wardrobe fitting.

When he came back in the house from wherever he’d been, he protested that he hadn’t volunteered to be in any movie, and the brother-in-law said “Sure, you did. Don’t you remember? At the parade, when you held up that poster board with your name and phone number on it and they took your picture?” Daddy remembered that.

So he went in to get fitted for their wardrobe, and went back the next day to be in their movie. I, unfortunately, had to leave before he went to wardrobe–but it’s not like they’d’ve let me hang around anyway.

When I asked him how it went, he said he got pretty hot walking up and down the street in a wool suit. He kept forgetting what he was supposed to do, and asking the other old men if they could remember. He was one of the “men who tip their hats.” He thought they finally put him out of the way so he couldn’t mess anything up if he forgot, but then again, if everybody is just milling around in the street, it’s hard to mess up milling… He got a free haircut (he was needing one) and a free meal, and a few bucks.

I asked if he saw anybody famous, any of the stars, and he thought one of the red-haired ladies might have been somebody. But if Brad Pitt was there, he couldn’t tell it.

So that’s my dad’s movie-making adventure. He’s not real sure he’d do it again, because he got awfully hot and tired, but he’s glad he did it once. And when the Brangelina movie “Tree of Life” comes out, we’ll all have to go and watch for Daddy’s hat tipping.

I’ll post a picture of Daddy when the opening comes, so you’ll know who to look for. 😉

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