Beach Reports begin again

Not that they’ll be any better than sporadic until I get my time organized a little better. But I did get out to walk on the beach yesterday. It was in the evening, so quite a few people were out still enjoying the day. I found my new shorts I bought for my friend’s visit that I didn’t get to wear because a cold front blew in and we had to wear jackets to walk on the beach. I found my flip-flops. And I drove to the beach and Walked.

The water is WARM! YAY!!! At last. It’s not bathwater warm like it will be in September, but it’s warm enough for a pleasant swim, if the sun’s out and the wind’s not blowing too hard. I admit it. I’m a wimp when it comes to swimming water temperature. It comes from living in Texas so many years. If it’s not at LEAST 90 degrees (32+ C) air temp, I’m not going in, and 95 F (35C) is better. Either that, or the water had better be warm. I’ve been swimming in hot springs pools when the air was “brisk” and that was acceptable. But I don’t like to be cold when I’m wet. So, now that the water’s reaching the 70 F (21 C) range, and the air’s pretty consistently close to 80 F (26.6 C), I ought to be able to go out one day soon and enjoy a little wave action in the water.

The thing I like best about the Gulf coast surf is that there isn’t much of it. We just don’t get the big surfing waves that they get on the Pacific coast. Have I said this before here? I just really like the fact that the surf doesn’t beat you to death, and that it’s easy to go out past the surf, where the water is still just chest deep, and let the non-breaking waves just rock you. It’s infinitely relaxing to touch sand between the waves, then ride gently over them as they come rolling in to break (not too violently) twenty or so yards farther in toward shore. Soon. Maybe this weekend. (Though I have plans–Saltgrass Potters spring art show and sale, and maybe the garden club plant sale over in Bayou Vista.) (And getting the car washed. I did get the license plate and its holder put back on my car. Had a bit of a close encounter with a large trailer hitch in the parking lot at Fish Tales… But the beast (aka, my vehicle) is still filthy.)

About the beach–okay, the water was warm. Swimmers were out. Not much seaweed, and it was mostly the little crinkly stuff. No jellyfish yesterday. Lots of shells, and I even found half a sand dollar. First hint of a sand dollar I’ve seen in the 7 or 8 months I’ve been here. So I took it.

Today is our 32nd anniversary, and the fella was, as usual, up to par. I received a lovely arrangement of yellow roses (he knows I like other colors better than red) and some very interesting purple bud-like flower before I had to leave for the paper. (Where I am currently sloughing off by writing this blog post.) I think we’re going to celebrate Saturday with dinner out, and Charlie Wilson’s War at home. We meant to go see it in the theater, and never did make it, and I don’t think there’s anything out now that we really want to go see. I will try and remember to report back in… TRY.

Think I’m through the “going back to fix” pages in the writing, and can start forging ahead with new stuff. If only I can remember where I thought I was going from here… Hmmm. Well, I can write it, and then if I have to, fix it.

2 Responses to Beach Reports begin again

  1. Congrats on the anniversary! So, how was Charlie Wilson’s War? I haven’t seen it yet.

  2. It was pretty good. Very interesting, and that Wilson guy was a character. I was amazed by how Tom Hanks didn’t look like Tom Hanks in this–he actually looked a lot like Charlie Wilson…

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